With the 2016 election gearing up, campaign finance is in the news. The Native American Journalists Conference features three workshops about money’s relationship to politics:

Eliza Carney, investigative reporter and columnist for CQ Roll Call, is leading the workshop “Covering Money in Politics,” and Eve Byron and Pete Quist, who work for the National Institute on Money and Politics, are presenting “Elections 2016 and Tracking Spending in your State.”

Byron and Quist will train journalists how to use and will share other digital tools that can be used to research political funds. They will include ways to search the funding within your own state, and in other states across the nation.

Carney plans to start off her workshop by explaining how campaign funding became what it is today, and what she thinks it will become in the future. Carney explains that overall “I’m going to make the case that we now have a campaign finance system that is arguably as deregulated as it’s been since Watergate.”

After the initial portion, Carney says she will teach journalists how to use different tools to take a

complex topic like campaign funding, and make it more understandable.

“Covering Money and Politics” will take place Thursday at 1 PM. “Elections 2016 and

Tracking Spending in your State” part one will be Friday at 2 PM, while the second part will be held at 3:30 PM.. ­

-Dakota Sherek